• Brooklands: Innovating the World of Flight


    Brooklands: Innovating

    the World of Flight

Brooklands was one of the most productive aircraft manufacturing sites in Europe, with nearly 19,000 aircraft having made their first flights from here over an 80 year period.

The story of the collection in this area covers a period of just 23 years, from the first flight of the Viking in 1946 to that of Concorde in 1969. 

The aircraft gathered in the Aircraft Park represent the development of British and Global post-war civil aviation from the Viking, derived from the Second World War Wellington Bomber, to Concorde, the only supersonic aircraft to enter full airline passenger service. These aircraft have influenced the way we travel and live our lives today. Uniquely all seven aircraft on display in this area are the product of the same design office and factory, all achieved within the working lives of many Brooklands employees.

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