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Tamalie Newbery.jpeg

Tamalie Newbery

CEO and Museum Director

Tamalie looks after everyone at the Museum on a daily basis, setting the direction and guiding everyone to fulfil the Museum’s promise – Brooklands at its best, every day for everyone.

Episode Highlight: In episode 1 Tamalie organises an emotional welcome for a  new donation for the Brooklands Museum collection.  

Alex Patterson.jpeg

Alex Patterson

Engagement and Heritage Director

Alex heads up the team who care for the collections, our stories and how we tell them. He also looks after the learning team who create activities for the schools and colleges programme.

Episode Highlight: In episode 1 Alex is getting ready for the 95th Anniversary of the British Grand Prix event, but will the weather improve before the visitors arrive?

Allan Winn.jpeg

Allan Winn

Vice President of the Trust

Allan, former Director of the Museum, retired in 2018 but just couldn’t stay away! Brooklands is his passion and he helps out with demonstrations, events and shares the good word of Brooklands with his extensive community of likeminded petrol-heads.

Episode Highlight: In episode 5 Allan's driving skills are put to the test as he races the Napier-Railton against the Brough Scrapper.

Julian Grimwade.jpeg

Julian Grimwade

Vice Chairman of Brooklands Members

Julian was one of the founder members of the Brooklands Membership in its current form. He devotes his time to racing his beloved collection of cars, events at the Museum and preserving Brooklands’ incredible history for future generations.

Episode Highlight: In episode 7, Julian makes a life-long dream come true for a good friend and fellow-volunteer, John. 

Andrew Lewis.jpeg

Andrew Lewis

Collections Manager

Andrew oversees the amazing Brooklands Museum collection, from its vehicles and aircraft to its archive and documents. He makes sure the exhibitions, displays and collection items are looking their best for our visitors. 

Episode Highlight:  In episode 5 Andrew helps get the Napier ready to go head-to head with another of the Museum's fastest vehicles.

Bea Meecham.jpeg

Beatrice Meecham

Engagement & Heritage Project Officer

Beatrice works on different projects across the museum. Facilitating, planning and leading on the operational logistics in order to get stuff done across the site. 

Episode Highlights: In episode 6 Beatrice has her hands full with the launch of the new Driven by Design exhibition, co-ordinating the arrival of three very exciting McLaren cars. 

Perry Barwick.jpeg

Perry Barwick

Motorcycle Team Volunteer

Perry's energy and enthusiasm for vintage motorcycling are infectious. As well as helping to maintain the Museum's collection, he also has an ever-expanding collection of its own including a faithful recreation of a lost Brooklands legend.

Episode Highlight: In Episode 5 Perry gets to visit the home of motoring legend John Surtees and try out the side-car. 

Roger Horsfield.jpeg

Roger Horsfield

Motoring Team Volunteer

Retired mechanical engineer took early retirement from his job 10 years ago to devote his time to his passion of cars and working alongside the motoring team at Brooklands Museum.

Episode Highlight: In Episode 8, Roger swaps four wheels for three, as he takes to the track in a trike.

Julian Aubert.jpeg

Julian Aubert

Museum Aviation Volunteer

Julian has been involved with Brooklands for over twenty years, he mainly volunteers with our early aviation exhibits including the Sopwith Camel and the three Edwardian aircraft replicas he has built himself – the Santos Demoiselle, ‘Baby’ White and ‘Sports’ White which are resident at the museum.

Episode Highlight: In Episode 4

Tom Lecky Thompson 2.jpeg

Tom Lecky-Thompson

Retired RAF Pilot

Tom won the Daily Mail Air Race in 1969 after flying his Harrier from London to New York and beyond! The Harrier was designed by Hawker Siddeley and resides at Brooklands Museum today.

Episode Highlights: In Episode 2 retired RAF pilot Tom is reunited with his race winning Harrier.

Sarah Crabtree 2 .jpeg

Sarah Crabtree

TV Presenter and Classic Car Enthusiast

Sarah will be recognised by most as a face from TV's 'Bangers and Cash' but is now the proud ambassador of Evoke Classics, a brand new classic car online auction and community website.

Episode Highlights: In Episode 3 Sarah joins Julian as a guest judge for 'Best in show' award at the Members' Classic Car Show event.

Ed Adoo.jpeg

Ed Adoo

Broadcaster, writer and DJ

Ed Adoo, a man of many talents and currently presenting a Sunday evening show for BBC Three Counties Radio, has a not-so-secret passion for buses, boasting a collection of over 500 miniature models!

Episode Highlights: In Episode 8, Ed's love for buses brings him to the London Bus Museum to get the ultimate driving lesson.


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