Sponsor the Brooklands Innovation Academy

How can you support Brooklands Innovation Academy?

Essential to the success of Brooklands Innovation Academy is the support from companies and organisations engaging with the year-long series of events with secondary schools, and in sponsorship of the main event at the end of the year.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss support and sponsorship opportunities with you.

Why support Brooklands Innovation Academy?

Support of Brooklands Innovation Academy provides an excellent opportunity to:

  • Encourage and inspire diverse young people to pursue careers in STEM subjects.
  • Demonstrate your support for the development of STEM in secondary schools and in the future development of STEM related industries.
  • Build brand awareness and enhance your company profile with the workforce of the future.
  • Enable young people and their parents to understand the career routes available.
  • Associate your organisation with the prestigious Science Summer School brand and Brooklands, a national and international seed ground for innovation in the twentieth century.
  • Build influential and comprehensive networks with companies, schools, universities and colleges and other key stakeholders. 
  • Evidence your support for this innovative programme, being delivered in the local community

Find out more about our Sponsorship options below, we are happy to discuss tailoring of the sponsorship opportunities.

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